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His more than 25 years as a Minister, counsellor, and guide, has helped to shape and rebuild the lives of many, both overseas and here at home. His voice and inspiration has been heard from Italy to South Africa, from California to England, and beyond.

"Eric is a dynamic speaker and has the ability to capture the attention of any audience with his sense of humor and wisdom regarding the challenges of life. He has the ability to empower others to succeed and overcome during their trials and to evolve with a postive mindset for the next challenge." Kim Brooks, Field Manager Underwriters Laboratories.

Eric is a Coach, Professional Speaker, Strategist, Artist, Radio show host, Entrepreneur, and Award Winning Speaker. He has authored two administrative manuals which have become proprietary assets of the corporations they were written for. He is the creator and author of The Destiny Now Experience - a workshop that puts lives back on track.  He would say  he is yet "a student of learning" as he leads a life of joy, completeness and fulfillment, doing what [he] was "born to do" - help others to do the same. Eric unleashes  a defined process for reaching one's true potential and Destiny. His only desire, is to help you fulfill yours.  He has incorporated his own 'special blend' of healing modalities which draw from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypno-therapy, Emotional Intelligence, Shadow Work, and Source Reflection Techniques. Eric firmly believes every answer to the challenges one experiences, lay hidden within the heart. Eric is delighted to help all who desire his assistance.


Eric is an award winning speaker and inductee into the District 35 Toastmasters International Hall of Fame. He is honored to have graced the stage with the very talented Paula Houlihan of Awakeinlifecoaching.com. Eric proudly and thankfully accepts his 2013 Toastmaster status of being one of 88 of the Best Speakers in the World.



My Audio Visual Needs for Your Event!
  • LCD Projector with VGA connection for MAC
  • Cordless Mic with auxiliary connection for Eric's recording
  • A Copy of Video if recorded for DVD, and Event Audio
  • Power strip for 120 VAC for laptop, camera, and recorder

Other Considerations: 

  • Theatre style, Rounds, or Coffee style seating for personal settings
  • An 8 foot table for greeting and reception, products display, and sales.
  • NOTE: For message effectiveness and impact, Eric requests the opportunity to address lighting issues, and to speak either before or after a luncheon, dinner, or breakfast, but not during.

Speaking Fees:

Industry standard speaking fees apply and are negotiable within the standard range. However, fees are subject to increase in relationship to speaker's demand and schedule. 

Keynotes can be crafted and tailored to meet the needs of your group or organization!


Thank you, in advance.


About ESU.com

With over 35 years of experience as a counsellor, minister, and trainer, Eric S Upchurch Sr. has dedicated his life to helping others.

Increasing his reach, Eric helps business and individuals experience success from the inside out.